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San Diego Spirits Festival in the Press

SAN DIEGO, CA (July 2017) – Keep cool this August with delicious cocktails at the Ninth Annual San Diego Spirits Festival August 26-27. Located at the picturesque Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier, it is one of the largest Cocktail Festivals in the country! Samples of top-shelf spirits from small-batch and big-name distillers, craft cocktail tastings, and decadent bites from local restaurants and world-renowned chefs are included in the price of admission. Celebrity Chefs from Master Chef Season 7 with Gordon Ramsey include Brandi Munn, second runner up, Dan Paustian, Dianne Blow, Father Daughter team: Bill and Ashley Travers

Resorts and Lodges  By: Thomas Schultz posted Fri, Aug 4, 2017

Travelers would be hard pressed to find a destination with more attractions and better weather than San Diego, California. The city is a foodie’s paradise with just about every type of cuisine. Visitors will love unique restaurants such as Carnita’s Snack Shack, Dao Fu, and Herringbone. Whether you're surfing and sunbathing on one of the many pristine beaches or playing the day away at Legoland, San Diego is perfect for your next vacation.  

Proclamation Mayor Faulconer

San Diego Spirits Festival Day Proclaimed By: Mayor Kevin L. Faulcomer 


BE IT PROCLAIMED, that I Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer, "On behalf of the citizens of San Diego, proclaim August 23, 2014, to be "SAN DIEGO SPIRITS FESTIVAL DAY" in the city of San Diego

MicroShiner Magazine

MicroShiner partners with San Diego Spirits Festival San Diego, CA (May 15, 2015) – MicroShiner announced today that it has been named the national media partner of the San Diego Spirits Festival’s International Spirits competition. “We are honored by the opportunity to partner with such a great event and grow its craft spirit presence,” says MicroShiner founder Cobey Williamson. MicroShiner is about : Craft. Spirits. Lifestyle. Its the Official publication of "the craft movement"


 Wander Magazine 

Sept 2014 - Written by Nadia Ibanez


SAN DIEGO SPIRITS FESTIVAL OPENS YOUR EYES TO NEW AND UNIQUE COCKTAILS AND LIQUOR Gone are the days of drinking uninspired cocktails, watered-down beer, bad wine and sugary shots. People my age are stepping up their game when it comes to their nightcaps and alcoholic beverages of choice. Luckily, there are events like the San Diego Spirits Festival to help open our eyes up to luxury liqueurs and award-winning spirits.

 Pancakes &  Whiskey

Sept - 2014 - Article by: Jeanne Runkle


Brown-Forman brought some of the best of their portfolio, several expressions of Woodford Reserve, Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Canadian Mist. You can never go wrong with any of the Woodford line – they had Distiller’s Reserve and Double Oaked, along with the Reserve. Priced between $30-$65 a bottle, you’re getting a smooth, easy drinking bourbon no matter what your budget. Old Forester is also a smooth bourbon, coming in at the lower end of the price range. Canadian Mist is also a decent choice, and the most budget-friendly, at $16-$20 a bottle.

 Main Street Distilleries

Sep. 9, 2014 - LA JOLLA, Calif. – The Results for the 2014 Bottle Competition are in


A highly-qualified panel of spirits judges evaluated the entries using a proprietary scoring system that evaluated each spirit on a number of factors, including taste, appearance, aroma and commercial suitability.  The integrity of San Diego Spirits Festival International Spirits Competition starts with the quality and expertise of the Esteemed Judges. The Judges all have a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds and this facilitated a true, unbiased quality of judging of all the brands that entere

Man Tripping Blog

Sunday, 24 August 2014 - James Hill


Fun, Friends, and High Spirits at San Diego Spirits Festival!. This year's festival was a lot bigger than last year and one of the great additions was the Don Julio Airstream Speakeasy with a bartender dishing out "Cocktails on Tap" including this absolutely delicious Lavender Daisy made from Don Julio Reposado, Yellow Chartreuse, and Lavender.


They also had other delicious cocktails including the Fresa En Fuego - Don Julio Reposado, Habanero, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Strawberry.


Frankly we could have just hung out here all day getting happy but we were on a mission to try everything!

 Eatin Asian

Sept 2014 -Written by Kimlai EatinAsian creator & Huffington post blogger


Ihis year marked the 6th anniversary for the San Diego Spirit Festival. The two-day event took place in the Port Pavilion on the Broadway Pier. It was the perfect setting and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful weekend for such a high-energy event.

Special Commendation August 24, 2013

Todd Gloria, Acting Mayor and Council President Third District


Be it Proclaimed, that I, Council President  Todd Gloria, for and behalf of the residents of the City of San Diego, doe hereby proclaim August 24, 2013 to be SAN DIEGO SPIRITS FESTIVAL DAY in the City of San Diego

September 10, 2014 -  Aaron Vanek

Drinking and eating and drinking at the 2014 San Diego Spirits Festival - The discoveries were: Marqués mescal (not very smoky, more like a robust tequila blanco), Corbin Cash rye whiskey (from Merced’s Sweet Potato Spirits, one of the rare ryes that’s not from a single distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana), and my favorite of the fest, Gompers Gin of Oregon (available at Mel & Rose), a dawn-colored intoxicant with honey notes, resembling a genever.

Posted by Megan Gallagher Sept 6, 2013

Some people prefer vodka, some tequila, some rum, and all were welcome at the 5th annual San Diego Spirits Festival - a showcase of the latest and tastiest liquors available on the market. The unique event, named as one of the top 5 cocktail festivals in the United States by, gave patrons a chance to wet their whistle, with everything from shots of high-quality whiskey to fruity vodka concoctions. The San Diego Spirits Festival highlights the cocktail and culinary community and the talented bartenders and chefs who are shaking up San Diego's vibrant scene. We had our chance to get tipsy at the two-day event and it's safe to say that our palates were elevated - pre-mixed margaritas and Smirnoff just won't cut it anymore.

Best Cocktail Festivals in the US  - posted by Jill Fergus on February 22, 2013 

With the craft cocktail movement showing no signs of slowing down, bartenders and mixologists are really having their moment. The best way to sample the innovative and delicious craft cocktails created by these behind-the-bar wizards is by experiencing one of the cocktail festivals that are springing up all around the country. Mix and mingle with brand ambassadors, distillers and fellow cocktail-lovers in these multi-day events; you'll find seminars, competitions, music, and enough tastings (of everything from infused vodka to small-batch whisky) to guarantee that you’ll be sleeping late the next morning. Here are five fun and fabulous cocktail festivals for tipplers to indulge in their passion for spirits and be the first to sip hand-crafted cocktails.

Premier Traveler US

Posted by Alexis Korman July 1st

Craft-cocktail aficionados and beer fans, take note: The love of quality drink has gone global, and liquor-focused festivals have you in mind. Once strictly the purview of bar professionals, these spirited fests have splashed over into the consumer realm, becoming the new hot ticket for drink-lovers this summer and fall. Whether you go to improve your home bartending skills or just to savor some stellar sips, mark your calendar for these must-try tipple festivals around the world.

NBC 4 

Posted by Alysia Gray Painter July 24

FIVE YEARS OF LIBATIONS: Top tens and twenties and best-of lists rule the internet, it's true. What would onlinedom be without its Top Ten Lists? A whole lot emptier. And any top beer roster, as in craft beers or fancy beers or bespoke beers or posh breweries, is going to contain a particular city's name at some point: San Diego. San Diego, in the last decade or so, has become one of the supreme cities of all things suds, with a bevy of top-notch brewhouses -- think San Diego Brewing Company, Barrel Harbor Brewing, and Coronado Brewing Company, among many others -- regularly appearing on the industry's most glowable lists. With all due respect to beer, though, the city has a vibrant spirits scene, one that's been on full display for the last half decade courtesy of the San Diego Spirits Festival. The weekend long toast is set to pour again on Saturday, Aug. 24 and Sunday, Aug. 25 at the Port Pavilion.

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Get Into the Spirit  Posted by Posted by Rich Manning July 1, 2013 

Spirits are serious business.  We’re not talking about ghosts here – October’s still a ways away.  Rather, we’re talking about the drinkable stuff that makes life a little more elegant.  Indeed, there is nothing quite like the feeling that you get than the one that is afforded by a pulling down an expertly crafted bottle of bourbon, gin, whiskey, or whatever the weapon of choice happens to be from a liquor cabinet, filling a tumbler with a pour, and enjoying liquid goodness.  At that moment, all matters of chaos and ill-feelings disappear, giving way to an ambiance of calm, cool satisfaction. 

For the past four years, nobody in Southern California has quite treated the art of the spirit as well as the San Diego Spirits Festival.  From well known liquors to artisan brands, this celebration has excelled in showcasing the wide versatility that exists within this field.  It has also excelled in extending that tremendous vibe of happy contentment that enjoying a nip of the good stuff effortlessly brings.

San Diego Examiner

Cocktail Wars To Kickoff 2013 San Diego Spirits Festival  =Posted by Ringo Firefly April 13, 2013

What happens when you cross exotic, chilled to perfection, cocktail combinations with a healthy dose of fair competition? You’re left with a battle cry of delightful elixirs leading up to the 5th Annual San Diego Spirits Festival, a two-day libation celebration earmarked for this August.

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Rich Manning Judges from the Tasting Panel Magazine

Rich Manning judges the Chef/Bartender Shakedown in  La Jolla, where Mixologist Mike Yen wins with a Peach Pipe.


As I took my seat as a judge for the chef/bartender shakedown event at the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, CA on June 27, I was expecting to be met with a happy mélange of summertime drinks, beckoning me to jump from my table, ditch my shoes and socks and gleefully skedaddle to the hotel's adjacent San Diego County coastline so I could dip my toes in  the water. 

NBC Latino

Weekend Cocktail: A sip of San Diego sunshine

Ask someone about San Diego, California and you’ll likely conjure up images of bright sunshine and awesome Mexican food. Great cocktails won’t be the first thing to come to mind, but mixologist Antonio Gonzales – whose expertly mixed drinks will be featured at this weekend’s 4th Annual San Diego Spirits Festival – is hoping to change all that and make California’s southernmost city an official destination for killer cocktails.

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SanDiego Ville 

San Diego Spirits Festival Weekend | On the Rocks at Broadway Pier

The 4th Annual San Diego Spirits Festival took over Downtown's Broadway Pier and showcased all things booze to a packed house of tipsy participants.  Live music, bartender showdowns, chef demonstrations, food trucks, photo ops, and plenty of spirit samples were offered on two beautiful San Diego days.  We drank, we saw, we missed Ron Jeremy!  Epic fail on our part, but there's always next year!  



On behalf of the City of San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders welcomes everyone to the 4th annual San Diego Spirits Festival. 


Please accept my best wishes for a most memorable and exciting festival!

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