Meet the Drop Dead Dames


Ginger N. Whiskey is the owner of Drop-Dead Dames. She has over 15 years of dance training in ballet, jazz, modern, and world styles, 15 years of performance experience, and has received a B.A. in dance from UCI. Now she has immersed herself in the art of burlesque and is the choreographer for all group dance numbers and finales. Ginger N. Whiskey is so sweet and spicy, she will make you feel warm all over!


Eva Mae Garnet made her jump into pasties in 2010 in San Diego, CA. She has studied various art forms, from dance to theatre to visual arts, and has found a way to incorporate all her talents onto the stage. Known for her energy and sensuality, her acts vary from comedic to alluring. Eva Mae transcends her audience into the world she creates onstage, luring them with tantalizing hip movements and rhinestone encrusted costumes. Helping to preserve classic burlesque, Eva Mae has studied with legends and many of the biggest names in the neo-burlesque revival.

She is a founding member and co-producer of the Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue, one of San Diego’s leading classic burlesque troupes. Her style and performances have landed her in several prestigious shows and festivals like San Francisco’s Tease-O-Rama, Long Beach’s Ink-N-Iron, Austin’s Texas Burlesque Festival and Denver’s Colorado Burlesque Festival to name a few. Eva was most recently crowned 2nd Runner Up in the Miss Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Competition. She is the dangerous redhead with the siren gaze and has earned herself the tag line of “The Feisty Fuego.”

Eva Mae is also a pin up and alternative model. Her images have appeared in several magazines and art shows alike. With everything she endeavors on she brings a perfect blend of class and sass.


Dottie Deville is a legacy burlesque dancer following in the foot steps of her grandmother, the original Dottie. She has flown far and wide with her traveling trapeze representing the 50’s lifestyle from the classic cars to the vintage clothing to yep, you guessed it BURLESQUE. She is known for being seductive, sultry and always sassy! But be careful this Portuguese spitfire has a tendency for breaking hearts and taking names. Are you her next victim?


Valentina On the Rocks started her career as soloist in 2009 at the Slippery Belle Burlesque! Show in Manchester (UK) and performed beside amazing artists like Rosie Lugosi, Crimson Skye and Joe Black. She moved to San Diego in 2011 to join the troupe of Hell on Heels Burlesque Revue and she is now a proud member of Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue. Valentina will tantalise you with her multiple talents, twisted story-lines, astonishing ASSEL!-twirling and gravity-defying pole dancing. One thing you can be sure of: nothing is ever what it seems in Valentina OTR’s world!


Wanted: Sassy Stiletto, on the charge of murder. Last seen in the alley behind Landolfi’s in Trenton, New Jersey. Witnesses report seeing a woman dripping in sexual allure fleeing the scene in an outfit covered with so many sparkles, they were nearly blinded. Police report the cause of death as a stiletto to the heart, and therefore advise that the subject may be barefoot. Citizens are warned that the she is armed and considered very dangerous. Known as “the sweetest little bitch ever to come out of Jersey,” do not be fooled by her sassy conversation, nor her ability to make a dirty martini that Dean Martin would beg for. If spotted, ignore your instinct to get closer, as suspect is known to seductively peel off gloves and/or stockings and use them to bind and strangle her victims. You are directed to immediately contact the authorities. All tips will be treated as anonymous.




This saucy little singer began her burlesque career in 2011 with Hell on Heel Burlesque revue. But Stella is no stranger to the stage having performed in plays, and musicals over half of her life. Stella is teeming with excitement, as she embarks on a new adventure with The Drop Dead Dames. “I feel so unbelievably fortunate to perform alongside such beautiful and talented women. The support is never ending, and the thrill of performing has me absolutely addicted.” This lovely little siren will sing her way into your heart and keep you coming back for more.

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