Lagunitas in the San Diego Community

The San Diego Spirits Festival is August 26 and 27 on the Broadway Pavilion Pier! We have so many amazing sponsors and are so excited to share with you so much great information about them! Buy your tickets today and use code Drinkstagram for $10 off!

Lagunitas is an awesome brewery we will have at our festival. Beer drinkers be ready for some brews that will knock your socks off!

Lagunitas is especially cool because they have creating a special spot for San Diegans to use and enjoy, check out the information below!

We're excited to announce that we are expanding the way we participate in some of the great communities that have helped us learn and grow as brewers. We believe that beer is the original social media and we know that the best way to connect with beer lovers is face to face, over a beer.

Today we are announcing a set of intense local alliances with very special local brewers whose work we admire and are proud to partner with. They are four completely different partnering and situations and in concert we will learn from one another and help build our breweries together culturally and geographically.

We don’t live in a world of either/or, our world is both/and. Drawing from the best of the best to find new possibilities is the most thrilling way forward.

The why and how differs from one cultural region to another but the intention remains the same: Connect with, learn from and support our communities.

“We expect to be surprised by the things that we encounter as we grow these relationships. This will be a big learning experience for us” says Tony Magee, Founder of Lagunitas.

Here are the four distinct initiatives that we’re proud to be fostering:

Non-Profit Fund Raising Community Room (San Diego, CA)

Our 2nd Community Room will open January 2017. This space will also be made available exclusively to Non-Profit groups for fundraising.

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