Don Loco Anejo Tequila
Garrison Brothers Texas Single Barrel Bourbon
Buzz Ball Chocolate Caramel Cak
e Cocktail


 Design Awards 

Neat Tasting Glass DOUBLE GOLD
Don Loco Reposado Tequila DOUBLE GOLD
Glass Vodka GOLD
Iron Root Republic GOLD
Sukari Vodka BRONZE
Libre Tequila BRONZE

Click Here for the 2015 Official Application for the  Bottle Competition
Click Here for the 2015 Official Application for the  Bottle Competition
Click Here for the 2015 Official Application for the  Bottle Competition


The 2015 San Diego International Spirits Competition was one of the toughest spirits competition so far and absolutely no automatic awards were given. The 2015 bottle judging competition was well supported with 118 entries in various categories from vodka and gin to whiskeys, rum, agave spirits and liqueurs and packaged cocktails. 


Judges Forrest Cokley, Rich Manning, Michael Politz, Philip Dobard, Brian Cary, Roberto Loppi, Andrew Faulkner, and David Rippentrop tasted all entries in the NEAT glass, designed to dissipate alcohol and magnify aromas. Spirits were judged on appearance, aroma, taste, and finish. 


Every medal awarded was won against a field of competitors. With Three Double Gold medals (Highest Recommendation) awarded to Don Loco Tequila Añejo; Garrison Brothers Texas Single Barrel Bourbon; Buzz Ball Chocolate Caramel Cake Cocktail and Sixteen Gold medals (Highly Recommended), the judges at the competition awarded these distinguished medals to the best of the best. 


The San Diego Spirits Festival Founders Awards were awarded against a field of competitors and each entry was blind tasted, and identified only after the medalists were finalized, The San Diego Spirits Festival certifies that all final spirits medal awards were fairly and impartially bestowed.


 2015 San Diego Spirits Competition Medal Winners 


DOUBLE GOLD - Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Single                                     Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Gold  -   Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon

Gold  -   Dry Fly Rye Wheat Whiskey

Silver -   Palmetto Whiskey

Silver  -  Jim Beam Single Barrel Whiskey

Silver  -  8 Feathers Idaho Corn Whiskey

Bronze - Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Bronze - High Spire Rye Whiskey

Bronze -  8 Feathers Bourbon



Gold  -    Loft & Bear Artisanal Vodka

Gold  -    R.S. Lipman Heroes Vodka

Gold  -    Glass Kona Honey Vodka

Silver -    DeLaRon Ultra-Premium Vodka

Silver -    Still Creek Texas Vodka

Silver -    New Amsterdam Mango Flavored Vodka

Silver -    Fugu Horchata Cinnamon Flavored Vodka

Bronze -  Desert Distilling Small Batch Vodka

Bronze -  Iron Root Blue Northern Vodka

Founders Awards

Bronze -  Sukari Flavored Vodka

Bronze -  Loaded Vodka

Bronze -  Quite Storm Ultra-Premium Vodka

Bronze -  Marani Vodka

Bronze -  Glass Vodka

Bronze - 101 Vodka

Bronze - Vodka Mariette



Gold -    Ungava Gin

Silver -   Gordon Castle Scottish Gin

Bronze - Rogue Spruce Gin

Bronze - Ballast Point California Small Batch Gin

Founders Awards

Gold -    Dry Fly Gin



Gold -    Sun Dog North Carolina Moonshine

Gold -    Rabbit Hole Bourbon Ball Flavored Kentucky Moonshine

Silver -   Rabbit Hole White Pepper Flavored Kentucky Moonshine

Bronze - White Wolf Cranberry Flavored Moonshine

Bronze - Rabbit Hole Cardinal Cinn. Flavored Kentucky Moonshine

Bronze-   Dark Corner Moonshine

Founders Awards

Bronze -  White Wolf Spirits Blackberry Moonshine


DOUBLE GOLD -   Don Loco Anejo Tequila

Gold   -   Camarena Silver Tequila       

Gold   -   Don Loco Reposado Tequila

Silver  -   Don Loco Blanco Tequila

Silver  -   Los Cantiles Bacanora Blanco Tequila

Silver  -   Los Cantiles Bacanora Anejo Tequila

Silver  -   Revel Reposado

Silver  -   Revel Anejo

Bronze -  Libre Mango Flavored Tequila

Bronze -  Don Loco Vanilla Flavored Tequila

Bronze -  Camarena Reposado Tequila

Bronze -  Venga Anejo Tequila

Founders Awards

Bronze -   Libre Mint Chocolate Tequila

Bronze -   Revel Blanco



Gold   -    E & J XO Brandy
Silver  -   Camus VSOP Cognac
Silver  -   Albert de Montaubert VSOP Cognac
Bronze -   E & J VS Brandy 



Gold   -   Taunday Asian Gold Rum

Gold   -   Ballast Point Three Sheets Spiced Rum

Silver  -   Shellback Silver Rum

Silver  -   Ballast Point Three Sheets Aged Rum

Silver  -   Shellback Spiced Rum

Bronze -  Gubba Silver Coconut Rum

Bronze -  Tanduay Silver Asian Rum

Bronze -  Marauda Premium Rum

Bronze -  Gubba Gold Rum

Bronze    Squeal Spiced Black Rum

Founders Awards

Bronze -  Pusser's Rum 3 year

Bronze -  Monkey Rum Toasted Coconut

Bronze -   Mutineers Gold XO



DOUBLE GOLD  BuzzBallz Shooterz Chocolate Caramel Cake

Gold  -   Dream Catcher Irish Liqueur

Gold  -   Buzz Ballz Tea-Liscious Cocktail

Silver -   Cara & Co Caramel Cognac Liqueur  

Silver  -  Buzz Ballz Tequila Rita Cocktail

Bronze - Buzz Ballz Lemon Squeeze Cocktail

Bronze - Buzz Ballz Red Hot Cinnamon Cocktail

Bronze - Don Chelada Michaelada Cocktail Mix

Founders Awards

Bronze -  Saville Rumtini

 Absolutely no automatic awards were given. Every medal awarded was won against a field of competitors, & stood on it’s own individual merits. 

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