6th San Diego Spirits Festival

Port Pavilion
on Broadway Pier

Plans are in the works right now for an incredible experience

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August 23 - 24 2014

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Drink ~Don't Drive ~Stay & Play in San Diego

see you Aug 23-24 2014

2014 International Spirits Competition

Meet the Judges:
• Henry Preiss
• David Rippentrop
• Forest Cokely
• Frankie Thaheld
• Rich Manning
• Michael Neff
• Roberto Loppi
• Dushan Zaric

View the Judges


San Diego is more than just sun, sand and beach life. With a nationally prominent nightlife scene and craft cocktail bars popping up throughout the area, no wonder San Diego is one of America’s most trendsetting cities.

The 6th Annual San Diego Spirits Festival Brings it on with exotic chilled to perfection cocktails and a healthy dose of culinary faire & culture!


The 2014 San Diego Spirits Festival International Spirits Competition is open to emerging craft distillers, American merchant bottlers and large distillers alike, the competition will bring renowned experts from the worlds of spirits and hospitality together to determine the best tasting spirits in a blind analysis this August

The competition will be held in the Upstairs View Room . The View Room will be a closed event Judges will only be admitted.

On Sunday August 24 this area will be open for viewing and medal winning spirits will be announced.

A highly-qualified panel of spirits judges will evaluate the entries using a proprietary scoring system that evaluate each spirit on a number of factors, including taste, appearance, aroma and commercial suitability. Judges include Henry Preiss, Forest Cokely, Frankie Thaheld, Rich Manning. Michael Neff, Roberto Loppi, Dushan Zaric and David Rippentrop

George Manska, inventor of the Neat Glass is the advisory council for the San Diego Spirits Festival International Spirits Competition. George is the Chief of Research and Development, Corporate Strategy officer of Arsilica, Inc., Las Vegas, NV and inventor of the NEAT glass, and NEAT science of nosing and evaluation.

George has designed and developed products to enhance nosing and evaluation in many areas including but not limited to alcohol beverages. George has worked with many spirits festivals and judging competitions to introduce the NEAT glass and NEAT science to the world of judges, aficionados, chefs, and those who desire to understand more about proper evaluation and value decision making for alcohol beverages.

George writes a comprehensive guide to tasting and evaluation. George is the Wine and Spirits, Maître, Commanderie de Bordeaux 2005-2013, and a member various high-end wine clubs 1970-present. He is an avid collector of rare whiskeys, and other spirits.

Medal winning spirits will be announced during the San Diego Spirits Festival at a special event with follow up through national press releases.